Word count is broken

I am not sure if this has been covered here yet, but I have the following issue.

I always had word count set to count document included in compile only.
I have finished the first draft of my novel. For editing, I have duplicated draft 1 to make draft 2. This should have doubled the word count (it did not, and it should have been the first red flag).
Anyway, I have then proceeded to remove all draft 1 files and folders from the compile list.
Now the word count has dropped from around 180k to 10k. I don’t understand why.
All draft 2 relevant files and folders are still ticked on the compile list.

Any idea what happened or how to fix this? I need to track the word count during the edits to make sure I am going in the right way.


If Draft 2 is not a subfolder of the original Draft folder, it will not compile and hence will not count in project targets. When you duplicated Draft, you should have edited the original, not the copy.

Ops. Even having the folders as in the picture attached (where draft 1 is the original and draft 2 is the duplicate), the edits should have happened in draft 1?

I thought as long as I keep the folders in the manuscript master folder, it would all be ok.

If that’s the original Manuscript folder, you are correct. Some templates call it Draft, so when you spoke of Draft folders, I thought you had duplicated the top folder.

I sent you a private message. We can do a Zoom session, if you like.