Word Count is thousands over after compiling

Hi, me again, I have searched through forums and not found anyone with this specific problem so it must be me.
I have clients I have to meet monthly word counts for.
A particular contract is going to end at 20,000 words.
When I compile (I UNCHECK the box saying Include Comments/ Footnotes etc) but the Wordcount for the entire book is still coming up in my <$wc100> on their manuscript Title Page as thousands over what the wordcount is at the bottom of the Scrivener pane.

At the bottom of the pane is says 21,000 but on the title page after compiling is says 26,000

I have no extra folders in the manuscript so unless it is counting the trash? what else could it be including when I have clearly set the dont count footnotes/ comments?

PLs help.

The <$wc100> variable is going to count everything in the output document. So the question is why Scrivener is low, rather than why the output document is high.

The first place to look would be that Comments/Footnotes flag, although 5000 words of comments seems like a lot.

Second thing to check would be to make sure that the number in Scrivener really and truly includes everything that’s in the Compiled output.

It is certainly possible that I have 5000 words of comments, since I am commenting on my edits in the author’s book and asking her questions.

I know for certain that there are only 22,000 words because when I check by highlighting in word, it is true.

I have this problem with 4 other clients books and it has always been thus but I have simply ignored it till now. It has finally got my goat!

What does Word say the count is if you ask Word to include the comments?

I’m not asking word…I’m asking scrivener…it’s BEFORE i compile to word that i make the choice…the choice of whether to include comments and footnotes is in the output options in STATISTICS :


What does the metadata for the PDF file say? This would be the information you get from the Tools → Inspector command in Preview.

What happens if you Compile to another format, such as Word?

I’ll be moving this thread to the Mac OS forum, just FYI.

I AM compiling it to Word.

What does Word say the count is if you ask Word to include the comments? Makes no difference. No matter if I check or uncheck

What does the metadata for the PDF file say? Only tells me page count not word count in PDF metadata when I compile to there and same thing…the word count says thousands over what it actually is

See attached: the <$wc100> has calculated it at 26,000 but the word count at the bottom of the page in word and scrivener is 22,000

Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 19.22.50

I am going to have to let this got for a while because i need to put a new question up regarding another more pressing concern. I will for now just continue to enter the correct word count manually for the client

It said PDF in your screenshot, hence the question.

One temporary solution would be to put a Word “word count” field in place of the placeholder. I’m not sure whether Scrivener can generate those programmatically, though.

Ah, yes I tried both ways. Doc and PDF. I screenshot it on both … they both the same

Would it be possible to send a copy of the project to us for testing?

You can open a support ticket, here:

You can email a project by using the File → Backup → Backup To command, and checking the box to create a ZIP backup.

If it were my book I’d be ok with that but I know how particular this client is (a public figure) so they’d throw a fit if I shared it even in this context

There is however another client’s book which I could share with you. It has the same issue but only by about 900 words The word count issue is not as extreme as the other one (I’m sure it is something I am doing wrong, not Scrivener)

I have two issues on this book. …it only adds 900 words and:

If you can also solve the Contents page numbers mystery for me. This is the only book I have page number issues with and I cant work out why.

If you can send that one, please do. Probably the word count issue stems from the same underlying cause in both.

i filled out the ticket support…who do i email?

mac.support@literatureandlatte.com, please.

If you don’t get an automated response almost immediately, check your junk filter.

No automated response from what I can see. Junk is empty. 10.45 pm here I have to sleep. We be online again tomorrow afternoon and evening.

I responded via the forum software last night. Did you get it?

I’ve been driving to London and at work all day and on my way now to another client. Full day of meetings morrow won’t get back to it till the weekend doing all the fixes manually in the meantime. I see a notification but haven’t had time to look

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