Word Count is thousands over after compiling

Finding time today to send it but not sure how I send project? Sorry Im not v good at this

You can email a project by using the File → Backup → Backup To command, and checking the box to create a ZIP backup. Then attach the resulting file to an email. There’s a specific address for each ticket, which will be in the notification you received.

i tired this it still says file too big to email

Yes, I responded via our support ticket system.

Note that it’s not necessary to answer here, now that we know our support emails are reaching you.

i now have 3 issues i am trying hard to fix…i think the WC is a glitch perhaps and so too the page numbering? they are 1 & 2 but 3 is my fault because i dont know how to do it
3. i have my clients recipes in the book and i want the header of each recipe to be with a specific font ‘as is’ in the document but i don’t know how to do this

will try emailing a third time the zip but then i just have to get back to work…i will just use work arounds

i give up
i have turned it into a zip twice now and tried to email it but it is too big
Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 17.55.39

Again, there’s no need to respond here if you are receiving our support emails. From our point of view, responding in two different places makes it very difficult to keep track of what’s going on.

2 GB is an extremely large file. I would suggest making a duplicate, stripping all of the research materials from the duplicate, and trying again.

the reason i am responding here is because i have to go online and relog into that email address every time…it is a different email address form the one i usually work on

there is no research material in the document…no photos nothing like that…only the title page…it is 30,000 word draft

There’s a web interface to the support system that you can use instead. The link to your ticket would be in the email.

If a 30,000 word draft is weighing in at 2 GB, something is very wrong.

With Scrivener closed, locate the project in Finder. Right-click, and choose the option to Show Package Contents. That will let you browse through the project structure. You’re looking for any unusually large files. In one case, someone accidentally incorporated their entire photo library into a project. In another, the culprit was large interview recordings. Since you already have a backup, it’s safe to just drag any potential candidates you identify out of the project folder.

I am finding this too confusing. I don’t know which email you mean now. It’s all too much and distracting me from my work. I will get back to it on weekend or next week. I have an enormous meeting tomorrow a life changer with literary agent.

I have no idea why the file is so big…there’s nothing else in it but words

The emails that the support system sends contain a link to view the ticket through our web interface.

Good luck with your meeting. We’ll be here when you’re ready to look at the problem again.

Thank you, i definitely want to view the problem next week.
I think i may have deleted the emails from scrivener support btw

I just zipped the file again and it is still that bit even after emptying the trash