Word count is wrong?

Hi there,

The strangest thing happened. I finished a chapter last night, made a backup and closed Scrivener. I remembered the word count being 2947.
When I opened the project this morning, the chapter word count was only 2034. I quickly checked the backup and was relieved to find all 2947 words there.
But because I was curious which part of the text hadn’t been saved, I checked with the original project again. And here’s the thing: everything was saved! If I select the entire text of the chapter, it says ‘selection: 2947 words (of 2034)’, which makes no sense to me.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on here?

PS In the backup it says ‘selection 2947 words (of 2947)’, as it should.

I’m wondering whether you have “Estimate (Fast)” set instead of “Accurate (Slower)”. You can find this setting in your Project > Statistics, under the "Compiled’ tab… at the bottom of the window.

Other thoughts… Does the word count only count what’s marked for printing? If so, maybe you selected more than is set to print. There are several settings in this Statistics window that may affect your count (e.g. Options > “Count current compile group only” and more).

I’d like to hear what it ends up being.

Write on!