Word count is wrong

I wrote a lot today but for some reason it’s not included in my word count? I copied and pasted all I wrote into a word document and it came to 3946 words but in scrivener it’s only 800 or more. I tried compiling the document but some of the scenes etc are not included in it. The box has been ticked to compile them and I can see them in the list of scenes on my scrivener document
Help, I have written for hours today and this has messed up
I’m doing nanowrimo so word count is important :cry:

Make sure the text bit you’ve written it in is actually in the drafts folder. I had the same problem earlier but dragging the scene onto where it says draft fixed it.

Thank you so much! I thought I did that once but I just tried again
stressed avert if I could give you a bar of chocolate for that advice I would lol

You’re welcome :smiley: Glad it solved the problem for you.