Word Count Issue in Manuscript Binder

When I upgraded to the newest version ( ) the wordcount of my manuscript dropped by more than 25k. I’d made a backup a few days before and saved it to another binder within the same file. That backup still has the correct wordcount so I rooted around to see what was going on.

[b]Some of my chapters in the Manuscript binder show a wordcount of 1 even though they contain thousands of words.

Not all of the chapters in the Manuscript binder were affected, just a handful of them, seemingly at random.

All of the chapters have the same label, status, and structure.[/b]

So yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on but I thought y’all would like to know.

I have also had this issue; however, if you go into the file and type just one word it recounts them all.

I had an issue where some text sections were reporting a word count of 0.
I noticed that the ended with a character other than a return,
So I put returns at the end of them (i.e. they now end in a blank line) and the word count changed to t he correct value.

Forgot to say in my first post on this thread - this issue is not new to Beta 8. I had it in Beta 7. It might have been there before, but I downloaded Beta 6 like two days before 7 came out.

This was present in 6 as well. I haven’t had this issue recently, though.