Word count issue Scrivener MacOS

HI, all. I’m new here and new to Scrivener - so forgive me if this has been posted/discussed previously. I searched but found nothing.

I love the Target word count on Scrivener! It motivates me greatly. But unless I’ve done something wrong, I found an issue… I recently compiled some PDFs of a few of my chapter texts of my WIP to show a friend. When I went back to keep writing in those texts, the Target word count stopped counting.

When I started a new text in a new chapter, it started counting again. Is there a solve to this? Is it a bug in the system, or am I just a Luddite? I greatly appreciate the help!!

How did you exclude chapters you didn’t want in the PDF? I believe the project targets only count words in files that are included in the current compile settings. It could be that the new file you created was automatically added to that set, while the one that you were writing in previously was excluded.

I was in the middle of writing a certain chapter and wanted to send it to someone before I finished. I created the PDF, and sent it off. When I went back into that chapter to keep working, Scrivener no longer counts any of the words I write in that chapter.

Did you un-check the “include” check-box in the compile window for your current in-progress chapter? If so, then you’ll have to re-check it, either in the pane in the inspector where that setting is shown, or by opening up compile again, and re-checking the Include box for all relevant documents.

I don’t see that “include” check-box anywhere - but I’m sure it’s my own ignorance. Appreciate you trying to help!

Pictures > words, especially when I was imprecise before.

When you start a compile, you are presented with the following on the right side. Any documentts without the check-box checked will be excluded from the compile. You could also have selected a different folder in the drop down featured there, or clicked on the funnel icon and used that feature in some way, so if that’s how you excluded your chapter before, it may be why its words aren’t counted.

When viewing an individual document, open the inspector, click on the icon in the middle (looks like a price tag that you hang from fancy goods that you don’t want to stick a sticker to?). The “Include in Compile” checkbox corresponds to the checkboxes shown in the compile window.

This is why I asked how you accomplished compiling your other chapters without including the one you’re now trouble-shooting. Whatever you did there, you should un-do now. The most common way people figure out how to exclude a document or set of documents is via the check-boxes shown here. Since you haven’t specified how you excluded it previously, I’m assuming the check-box method.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. So, yes, when I created the PDFs I saw your first image and I checked only the two text documents I had written in. Unchecked everything else. I then created the PDFs of those two docs.
Then when I returned to my manuscript and went back into those texts, the Target Word count no longer counts words - either in draft or overall manuscript.
But when I created a new text, it counts those words.
I tried to upload screenshots to show you what I had checked and unchecked & how mine looks different than yours under the “price tag” icon, but it wouldn’t allow me to add it to my reply.
Thanks for your help!