Word count mismatches

I’m using 1.9.16 on Windows 10. I’ve checked for updates and it says I’m up to date.

My Word Counts in the Project Targets, Project Statistics, and in an exported (MS Word) compile are all different, by substantial amounts - Project Targets says 7,475, Project Statistics shows 9,964, and the Word document shows 10,347.

The word count in the Project Targets → Draft Target count doesn’t change based on the “Documents included in compile only” checkbox status, and there should be about a 300 word count difference.

I tried resetting the Session Target word count and it doesn’t reset to zero, not sure if that’s a related problem or not. I deleted a chunk of text and when I reset it goes back to the negative count from right after the delete (-2,489 words).

ETA: Never mind, somehow shutting the program down and restarted it this time (despite having done that 2-3 times previously) fixed the problem.