Word Count not updating

So I was writing and then all of a sudden my Project Word Count stopped updating. It is stuck on 56,897. The Session Target updates with each word I write and so does the Project Statistics. But not the Project Word Count. I have not touched any settings recently (or at all ) either. It just randomly stopped. And I have tried closing out of Scrivener and re-opening it but still not working.

Edited to add that Project Statistics is no longer updating either. The only thing that seems to update all of a sudden is the Session Target. As I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo, this is incredibly frustrating!

By the Project Word Count, do you mean the target count in the top section of Project Targets (this is the Draft Target, but if you’re using the NaNo template it’s probably called “Manuscript Target”, since the Draft folder is renamed “Manuscript” in that)? Two things could cause this not to update:

  1. If you’re typing in a document not included in the Draft/Manuscript folder, it won’t be counted. You could for instance have made a new chapter folder that is a sibling of the Manuscript folder rather than being contained within it, so new documents you’re creating in that are’t included in the Draft and their text isn’t counted. Try toggling the disclosure arrow beside the Manuscript folder to collapse it and ensure all the files you expect to be inside it really are hidden at that point.

  2. If “Documents included in compile only” is checked in the Project Targets, then if you have accidentally deselected “Include in compile” for any of your documents, their text won’t count even if they are within the Manuscript folder. This can be set in the inspector, outliner, or in the Contents pane of File > Compile.

Both of those would also affect the Draft/Manuscript count in Project Statistics, which is based on the actual compile settings. In either of those cases, the documents aren’t included in compile (either by being set not to compile or by not being part of the Manuscript compile group) so their text wouldn’t be counted.

Thank you.