Word count on folders in outliner

Hi there,

Is it possible to have a word-count on the contents of a folder in outliner? I know, folder documents can have their own text and words, but is it possible to configure Scrivener, so it displays the word- or character-count of all the subdocuments in it?

I am asking, because i have to organize my 140 odd scenes into chapters and in order to avoid big length-differences i would like to know how many words are in each folder aka chapter.


Hi Marc,

if you select the total word count column in the outliner, the word count of the scenes contained in the folder will be summed up.

Like this (the violet rows are my chapters):

Only for some reason the progress is not displayed.
Maybe that’s a solution for you.

Total Word (or Character) Count is what you want, as wika says. The Progress bar is tied to the “Target”, which is per-document; we’ll be adding “Total Target” and “Total Progress” columns in the future which will then work off your Total Word/Character Count to give you the progress for a container + subdocuments.

How’d you change all the different lines of colors in outliner? Is there a way to format in outliner?

Hi deneco4,

The colours in the picture above are the label colours. I’ve got one colour for chapters and several others for the points of view. Then simply do as follows > view > use label colour in > outliner rows. This is very comfortable, because if you change the label the colour in the outliner changes automatically, too.

does not work in my windows 1.0.3 version:

ok, you know what? it works only if you select the main drafts folder. then you see the folder tree and the correct word cound. but i dont select the complete draft folder, as it takes very long to display. i usually select a multitude of folder and documents and look at the word-count and it doesnt work correctly. will file this as a bug.


but your snapshot shows correct word counts, doesn’t it?

oder ums mal schnell auf deutsch zu sagen - wenn man den total word count einer Zeile mit dem word count der nächsten Zeile addiert, dann bekommt man den total word count eben dieser Zeile (zugegeben hab ich das nur überschlagen und bin nicht gut im Kopfrechnen :wink: ). Oder meinst du die 0 Wörter in der Zeile namens “l”? Wenn das ein Dokumentstapel ist, wonach es aussieht und du in dem übergeordneten Dokument keinen Text hast, dann zählt dort auch nichts. Man muss immer genau die Dokumente auswählen, in denen der Text auch TATSÄCHLICH reingetippselt wurde (zumindest bis das von MM angekündigte total target/total progress in einem Update kommt). Also i.d.R. die einzelnen Szenen. Dokumente oder Ordner zeigen NICHT die aufsummierten Worte der Dateien innerhalb des Ordners als word count an. Sie zeigen aber die Worte an, die innerhalb der Ordner geschrieben wurden, die dem jeweiligen Ordner vorangehen.

Hier ein Beispiel.
Ich habe nur meine Kapitel ausgewählt. Wie du siehst, ist im ersten Kapitel der word count 0. In den darin befindlichen Szenen sind aber tatsächlich 1438 Wörter. Diese werden dann beim total word count des NÄCHSTEN Kapitels angezeigt. Und im dritten Kapitel wird unter total word count dann die Summe aller Wörter aller Szenen der ersten beiden Kapitel angezeigt usw. Der total word count zeigt also an, was vorausging. Der word count zeigt an, was in dem ausgewählten Dokument ist. Im Falle eines Ordners, der als reiner “Aufbewahrungsort” dient also gar nichts. Ich hoffe, ich habe dein Problem nicht missverstanden und die Erklärung hilft dir irgendwie weiter.

I’m sorry, I would usually force myself to put all this into nice english, but since I do not have enough time for this today, the alternative was not to answer at all… I hope this way at least schreibx will get the opportunity to read it.

Oh, no, there is a bug here, as schreibix points out–when you create a multiple selection of arbitrary documents, the Total Word Count column just starts a running sum of the items, which is incorrect–the total word count for any given item should be the same here as it is when viewing that item in the container list (e.g. when viewing the entire Draft). Thanks for the catch!

forget everything I wrote! Now, that MM pointed out the bug, I feel really stupid because my own screenshot shows it VERY clearly :mrgreen: .

So, hopefully this will be fixed soon. thx MM

Word count seems to work OK for me, just is very slow - like 20 seconds. I have all my scenes as a list of folders under the draft folder, a very flat hierarchy. Two novels now, each about 50-60 scenes, 50-60k words.
Project Statistics doesn’t give me a word count that is even close - something about containers I think. So I don’t use that. When I click on Draft in the outliner - to get a word count, the long wait starts. Actually says at top “Not Responding” - I wait.

I agree. It’s starting to be annoying. And mind that the project I am talking about is only about 20000 words by now…