Word count on group of documents

I see the word count on each individual document, but I’d like to see how many words my novel is at this point. Can I get a word count on a group of documents? I have them in a folder.

If you open the folder click the top file then Ctrl and A to select all files view in scrivenings view then do statistics select option of selected documents will get word count. I did same thing but made selected documents a collection. As wrote scenes/ chapter added to collection got running count as wrote book

@GoalieDad Your answer is for desktop Scrivener, but this question is for iOS. :scream_cat:

@dan-cdmx I know you can get the overall word count for all documents in the Binder, by clicking on the word count for a document. This will launch the Targets screen, which at the top tells you the Binder word count.

However, I don’t know of any way to limit that word count to selected folders.


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Missed iOS but I suggested was under project statistics if iOS has

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Unfortunately, iOS Scriv does not have Project Statistics. Closest thing is the Targets screen. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thanks to everyone. At least I can stop looking for it.