Word Count on Project Target is too high

Hi. My project target box states that I have over 70k words now, but in fact, it’s only 45k. Anyone else ever had this issue? I know because when I save my manuscript and open up in open office, the word count is 45k, which would seem about right. It doesn’t matter, I suppose, just wondering if it’s possible to fix. Thanks to anyone who might know. :confused:

Hello Suzy39,
Have you checked in Project /Project Statistics that it is counting only what you want it to count?

There’s likely to be some discrepancy between word counts in different programs just because there are so many different algorithms for counting words. This is a lot higher than that difference, so I’d check for things like inline annotations, which would be counted as part of your project targets but might be getting removed from your compiled document. Also make sure you’ve checked “Documents included in compile only” in the Project Targets panel, since there could be some documents in your Draft containing text that aren’t part of the compiled manuscript.