Word count on text selection in iOS


Back when I used PlainText to sync with Scrivener, I used to be able to highlight an amount of text and get the word count. I can’t seem to get that functionality on Scrivener iOS. When I highlight the text, all sorts of options come up for markdown and highlighting etc… but no word count is available. Is that feature hidden somewhere in preferences? Or is it something that’s in development? I really could use this feature, as the total word count at the top of the document is not what I need. I’m trying to just find out what new words I have added in a particular writing session.

Thanks so much for any help,

I should really love this feature as well. In the (long) wait for Scrivener for iOS to come out I used WriteRoom and got used to the usefulness of this function. Hopefully it will be included in the forthcoming version which appears to be imminent.

I’ve added this for 1.1, which is in testing at the moment and should be out in the next week or two.

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Any possibility of this for documents in script writing mode?