Word Count on the Cork Board

I am interested in also seeing the word and character counts on the cork board view. I like to keep my high level folders on the cork board for easy visualization of the contents, but I also want to see the word count for the entire folder, which requires that I switch to page mode. I would prefer not to switch to page mode just to see my word count, please. :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback! If you’re looking for more information embedded into a bird’s eye view, then the answer is the Outliner view. Switching to the editor is fine for one document, but if you’d like to see word counts for all of the sections within a folder, more like you would see them in a spreadsheet, then add the “Word Count” column to the outliner (see §12.2, The Outliner, starting on page 112 of the user manual PDF).

Corkboard is intentionally simple, and it also is intentionally visual. The meta-data we’ve chosen to include in this view are things that can be mapped to some kind of physical metaphor. A stamp across the front, a coloured piece of tape on the corner, that sort of thing.

Oh, I don’t mean that much detail. Just the same word count that appears in the bottom bar in the document view. The bar is still there, but the total word count is only visible at a glance on the document view and disappears in the corkboard and outliner views.

Okay I see what you mean, something you’d still have to click on the card to read, rather than an overview, perhaps adding to the total in the footer bar as multiple cards are selected. I like that notion better than how I thought you meant it, on the card. I’ll jot it down for consideration. Thanks!