Word count per line, page count and headers while writing

I am used to Pages with Mac, the novel template made it so easy each pages were presented as you were writing it, but my mac broke and I’m stuck with windows, just got scrivener and it’s a mess

First of all, I would like when I write my novel to see when I’m starting a new page. Instead, when I enlarge or shrink the window, each line become bigger or smaller, changing how many words there is in one line, making it impossible to know where your page begins or ends. How can I change that?

Also is there an option for headers on each page, I want to write my novel’s title on top left page, and the chapter’s name on top right page. And the page number in the bottom. I just paid 70$ and it just seems so complicated for absolutely nothing it is frustrating.

I’m just writing a novel here.

Thank you for your help!

i found two answers in youtube videos that don’t even match with my scrivener. one of the the two options are view - page view - show page view

there’s absolutely no such thing in my scrivener.

the other youtube video showed it was view - text editing - show page view.


the more research I make the more frustrating it gets. There’s like 13 views of my post. can anybody answer? Scrivener? Anybody? this is pissing me off

Sadly, I don’t use Windows Scrivener, so I’m not in a position to respond with help.

This is primarily a user-to-user forum. Just because you have page views doesn’t mean that a user who happens to have an answer to your question has yet seen your post. If you need a response from Literature and Latte the best way is to open a support ticket at literatureandlatte.com/contact-us

Hope this helps!

You must be using Windows version 1.9 which doesn’t have this, I imagine (the videos you’ve been watching are almost certainly based on the Mac version) so to get parity, you need to try Windows v. 3 which is in late-stage Release Candidate and is stable—my collaborator has been using the betas for 2 years now without any real problem—but there are still bugs being ironed out, including UI issues in page view I believe.

As it is a beta, each new candidate expires on a given date, but Lit&Lat have never missed releasing a new candidate in time. You can download it it here (ignore the date at the top of the thread!) https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivener-3-0-beta-release-candidate-10-download-links-change-list/38228/1



EDIT: and before you go much further, do the interactive tutorial you find under the Help menu. Scrivener is very different from traditional word processors, especially graphically oriented ones like Pages. Scrivener separates the writing process from the layout process, so in Scrivener, even in page view, which is only an approximation of final pagination, you will not have your headers and footers; those are only created when you compile.