Word Count Progress Log?

I looked in the forum but did not find my question, so I apologize if this has been asked.

I’m looking for a log that shows word counts over time. I like that I can see my word count for the day and in comparison to my overall goal. But I’d like to see how that changes over time. In a simple log form or in calendar form, is there a way to see more than one day of word counts?


Scrivener doesn’t provide this. You need to make your own word count log. A simple spreadsheet will do, or even a scrap of paper. I’m a bit of a geek, so I log my word count into a database and run reports to view my productivity in various ways. I wrote about this on my blog: http://scarterfrogs.phpwebhosting.com/maatpublishing/steve/writers_journal.php#ProductivityReports

I may be wrong, but I vaguely remember to have read somewhere that this will be implemented in the next major version to be released. Although, it could also have been on the MacOSX forum.
I am sure someone involved will confirm this soon.
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Here’s how I do it.

I use SuperMacros to create a macro that will type out the date and time. In my special Word Counts project document, I periodically add the date/time, a space, and the current word count. It looks like this:

Later, I can copy/paste that into a spreadsheet to get something like this: