Word count questions


I am running Scrivener 1.54. Just wondering how to figure out what my total word count for my first draft is. When I open “statistics - Project statistics” I get an enormously HUGE number - and I know I have written a lot :blush: but seriously, over 620,000 words??? So someone PLEASE tell me that the word count under “project statistics” includes the WHOLE project ie all the research, etc, not just the draft. And if that is the case…how do I find the stats for just the draft??

And if that number is indeed the number of words for just the draft, well…break it to me gently… :open_mouth:


Open scrivener then click on project from top menu then project statistics. Once that window opens, theres an options tab. Select count only documents marked for inclusion.

Also make sure that none of your research and other stuff is being included in the compile (its on the right side of screen when you are viewing research or what ever)

Hmm…well I selected the “count only documents marked for inclusion”, and then helped (a bit). But I can’t find “compile”. However I see in the “inspector” that I can click or unclick “include in draft” in my research documents. Some of these are checked, but that whole part of the Inspector is greyed out and so I cannot make changes to it. How do I “ungrey” that part of the Inspector?



Yeah thats the thing ya gotta uncheck. I don’t know how to ungrey that window though. Im pretty new to scrivener. sorry.

It says “Include in Draft” in the General Meta-Data portion of the Inspector? I’d never noticed that. shrugs

It’s greyed out because the files are not in your Draft folder*. This means that they won’t be compiled or count toward your word total; you don’t have to worry about de-selecting that checkbox if you can’t de-select it.

I’d check out File->Compile->Contents in the expanded compile window. Scroll through the documents and folders that are in that list, and make sure that any of them that don’t belong as part of your final book have the “Include” check-mark cleared.

*This is the folder where your screenplay/manuscript/term paper/… files and folders go, whereas the Research folder is where stuff other than your writing goes (like imported web pages, pdf files, pictures, etc…). The name “Draft” can be changed, either by the template you chose when you first created the project, or by you; it’s name doesn’t matter, so long as you remember that the folder is a special one, where it’s contents are destined for the actual book you are writing.

Okay - thanks for the suggestion. Will check that out - but I have the sneaking suspicion I have a LOT of editing to do…oh well I kinda knew that but was hoping my word count wasn’t QUITE so bloated…

sigh… :frowning:


I have the opposite problem: have been going along nicely, adding to my draft every few days & seeing the project word count grow each time, but now…the Project Statistics word count has suddenly dropped to about 500 (it should be almost 70,000) - though all my text seems to be safely there, thank goodness.

~ any ideas as to what has gone wrong?

(yes, i know i shouldn’t be such a word-count junkie, but, all the same…)

Have you fiddled with your compile settings? I think that can affect your word count. Also, if you moved your documents to a folder besides your Draft folder, that will remove those documents from the word count as well.

Hey, thanks, Robert - that’s got it back.