word count selection

can a selected (highlighted) of written page be word counted

To get word and characters count for text selected (highlighted) within a given document, select the text, right click and see the last/bottom line of the right click pop-up menu.

To get word and characters count for all text within selected folder/document, select the folder/document in the binder, then see the bottom of the edit (scrivenings) window displayed for that selection. If that isn’t visible at the bottom of the edit window, you’ll need to do View > Layout > Footer View to toggle it to display.

Hope that helps.

thanks,Springfield, sure I looked there but whited out, I guess I’m newbee

I’ve been using Scriv for two years now (it’s my favorite app), and I never saw that (and I’ve often wanted to know the word count for a selection).

It’s a clever way of doing it, but because it’s not easy to find and non-standard:

  1. Many users will never see it (as I never did)
  2. Some users will contact support, using up some of L&L’s resources
  3. Some users will be annoyed, spreading the word that Scriv is “hard to use”

Now, imagine that this function were exactly where users would expect it to be:

Not a single user would fail to find it. All of the above problems would disappear.

I can think of ten other examples of things that are hard to find simply because they are not where they should be. Easily fixed. Huge upside.

Rant over.