Word Count Showing 0 and Composition Mode Crash

Hi, I’ve been using your beta version and just downloaded the newest release Beta. I verified that these bugs are still happening with this newest version and just thought that I should share them.

My current work is twenty-two chapters, each with its own text, and all contained in a single folder under Draft. When I edit one of these texts the word count seems to be correct, but if I close the project and reopen it, the word count on most of the text, but not all of the texts, is reset to zero and I have to edit each erroneous document with at least one space or deletion before the word count will correct itself.

In addition, the composition mode seems to have an issue when left active without making changes for too long. I’m not sure what the actual amount of time is required for this bug to occur because I tend to leave the editor in full screen composition mode when I go to bed at night. But last night I slept for four hours and when I got back to the computer scrivener was frozen. So that might give you something to go on. (EDIT - Just to be clear, this bug causes the entire scrivener program to freeze and become unresponsive, requiring the program to be closed via windows task manager.)

Thanks for all your hard work, and a wonderful program even with the bugs.


Try “File” > “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes”.

This did not affect the issue. Thank you for the suggestion though.

Co signed on the Word Count Showing 0 in both Beta 42 and Beta 43. I don’t have any word counts for any of my documents. (Tough because I’m almost finished with this book!)

Can you please upload a small demo project with few documents that reproduces the problem. I could not reproduce it with any of my projects.

I attempted to get a project to repeat this problem, but the issue seems to only happen after you’ve got several documents with 3 - 5 k words in each one, and the only document I have that length is my manuscript which I’d prefer not to post openly.

You can always create a document with rubbish text of that length.

I don’t know why I can’t get it to do the same thing again with a new file. It also seems to be slowly working itself out on the original file. I only had one document that wasn’t counting properly the last time I opened it. But if it continues with that particular file I could send you the one file privately so you can see if its just the file that’s the issue or not. Sorry I haven’t been more help.

I just checked to make sure, and right now the only time I can get the problem to repeat is when I make a new document in the file that contains my current book. If I fix those new pages a few times and reopen then they’ll start reading permanently but only after fixing them three or four times by editing them and closing the program again.

Thanks, panderggb! If you happen to get a reproducible use case, please let me know.