Word Count stats changed

Hi all. I changed how I structure my manuscript and now I can’t for the life of me figure out what I did to the word count. I have about 50K words in the manuscript, but I’m showing only 1700 in the Project Statistics.

I played around with folders and subdocuments to improve my structure.

My binder is now structured like this: Manuscript > Act Folders > Chapters (some as folders, some as documents) > Scenes (within some chapter folders)

For some reason, it looks like the View Project Statistics is only counting the top level (?) - the text written on the synopses for the Act Folders, I think. All the documents are checked as Include in Draft.

It’s something I did wrong, but I don’t know how to correct it. Any idea what I need to do to get the full word count of all documents in the Manuscript? Thanks so much.


Did you by any chance recently do a Compile Draft/Manuscript and select only a subfolder of the Draft/Manuscript folder for compiling? The Project Statistics count exactly what will be produced if you Compile Draft using the current settings, so if it is set only to compile a subfolder (for instance, if you recently compiled just a single chapter) then it will only count that subfolder.

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Hey Keith,

Yes, I compiled a draft last night that just printed my index cards (I was working on my outline). I didn’t realize the Statistics feature had anything to do with the Compile Draft. I just now compiled a new draft with all the documents and the word count looks more accurate. Thanks for the help.

Select the documents and view them in Outliner. Right-click the header row and make sure the column for “Include in Draft” is selected. (Note: if you’ve changed the name of your Draft folder, it’ll say "Include in [NAME OF DRAFT FOLDER].)

I found it easiest when I made that column really narrow. Now, make sure all your Scrivenings in your draft folder have “Include in [NAME OF DRAFT FOLDER]” checked.

I suspect that they don’t. That’ll mess up your project word count.

EDIT: Took me too long to answer. Darn. :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, just compiling the synopses will be the problem - it means only the synopses will get counted in project stats. Glad that helped.

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