Word count status bar disappeared???

Hi I’m a rather novice with Scrivener.
I wrote my dissertation overview with Scrivener and loved it. I am now working on the dissertation and I did something today that somehow removed the word count on the bottom bar. All I have is size percentage options on left and general text options on right. I can’t find this target button that other post talk about. I can get word count by clicking on statistics and getting the drop down menu but that’s a bit of a pain. Having the word count at the bottom of the page was a huge motivator for me. Can any one help. Thanks.

Sounds like View > Layout > Show Footer View is what you want.

Did you accidentally switch to scriptwriting mode? In scriptwriting you can get different footer views that would show what I think you’re seeing. Go to Text>Scriptwriting and if there’s a checkmark next to “Script Mode” at the top, just click it and it will put you back to regular text. Cmd-3 is the keyboard shortcut to toggle it.

The last answer is the right one, from what you are describing that is the scriptwriting toolbar. If the footer was off entirely there would just be a scrollbar, or even nothing, down there. This setting works like this: All documents in the project are initially set to “not prefer” one mode or the other. So if you switch once the entire project will appear in script mode. If you select another document and switch back to regular mode, then the project will appear in regular—except for the document you explicitly switched it in.

This way you can have a project default, but some documents that override that default on a case-by-case basis. So in your case, when you press Cmd-3 you might actually be doing so in a different document that originally triggered the default state change—you might eventually come across it again and that one will still be in script mode. Just switch it back manually when you find it.

Hopefully that made sense. The concept is a little easier to use than it is to explain. :slight_smile:

Ah. The infamous scriptwriting mode. I know not of which thou speaks. Not even going to switch it on until I’ve sold three novels. That’s the deal.

And sorry for misleading the OP.

Thanks a lot the script writing did the trick. Now I have no more excuses. Must go back to writing!