Word count stays the same in overall targets even when include is ticked


I am having some trouble with my Project Target and Statistics. I set a daily word count which goes up live as I type but for a few days now the overall target has not gone up. I have checked that each document I am want to be included is ticked as being included in the compile and I have ‘count only documents marked for inclusion’ in my Project Statistics options.

Any ideas? Is there something I may inadvertently clicked on or off that would cause this?

Many thanks

They have to be in the Draft folder (which can be renamed to “Manuscript”, “Script”, etc…). If you’re not sure if it is, try clicking on the little arrow to the left of the draft folder to hide its documents. If the ones you’ve been writing in aren’t hidden by that action, then you need to drag them into the draft folder.

Or maybe you’ve set a Deadline and you let Scrivener calculate the Session target? That will change between Sessions, though.

Thanks, both. I’ve got it sorted now. It wasn’t in the Draft folder!

Many thanks