Word count target for folders

I admire the work you put into Scrivener. It simply keeps getting better (and that says a lot!). I appreciate the new 1.02-feature of setting word count targets for sessions, projects, and documents.

I keep the different sections of my draft (a phd dissertation) in folders entitled “introduction,” “chapter 1,” “chapter 2”, etc. Since I know the approximate amount of words I need to “produce” for each chapter and in total for the dissertation, and since I write in an unstructured and stochastic way (producing multiple documents in each folder - some marked for export others just ramblings and ideas tagged as non-exportable), my wish is to have a word count feature for folders in addition to sessions, documents, and projects.

I hope you’ll have a refreshing holiday.

All the best,
Magnus Nilsson

Hooray for that!

It would be a nice feature. I dedicate a folder to each chapter, and most chapters are divided into text documents for each ‘scene’. As I am no longer using a word processor I depend on word count for a general idea of how long any given chapter is becoming. I’ve managed fairly well, to date, grouping documents and viewing the word count at the bottom in full screen mode, but this would be a nice function to add. :slight_smile:

You can already achieve what you want, actually, like this:

  • Set a word count target for the folder.
  • Don’t set word count targets for the subdocuments.
  • To check your progress, select the folder, and hit Edit Scrivenings. The progress bar will show you what you want. In an E.S. session, the progress bar adds up all the targets for all the documents, and adds up all the words in the session.


P.S. This does bring up a minor bug I have now noticed - the set targets button should really be disabled during an E.S. session, because it doesn’t do anything.

okay, thanks for the advice.

best wishes,