Word Count (Target & Total)

I want to leverage word count targets while outlining using the corkboard, but I don’t see any way of displaying word counts (targets or totals) in the inspector or the corkboard view. Am I missing something, or would this be something I should put on the wish list?

That’s correct, the Corkboard is by design a way of viewing a very basic set of information per document (as fully described in The Corkboard, §12.1, pg. 105 on, in the Windows user manual PDF). It will most likely never accumulate a great quantity of meta-data displays, optional or not, for that reason. Word counts are one thing that have been specifically requested and turned down in the past. Sorry that’s not the answer you wanted to hear.

Have you tried using the Outliner view yet? It of course doesn’t have the same aesthetic feel as the Corkboard, but if you need lots of customisable information—that’s where you need to go.

Oh, one thing worth mentioning is that you can right-click on a card to get its word count on-demand. I don’t think that is what you were asking for however.

Thanks, AmberV! I’m good at this point. I did start using the outliner view as you suggested when I needed to work with word counts and targets, and occasionally pulling up the card in Quickreference in corkboard when I needed to know a specific card’s count / target. So I had to adapt myself a little to the design, but what felt like an inconvenience at first really isn’t interfering with my work. Oh - and I started using split pane, with the top panel an outline view and the bottom panel a corkboard view. That works pretty well, too, for when I have to move back and forth between arranging (corkboard) and word count / target related tasks.