word count targets for folders

My project is organized in a pretty typical way–in a descending hierarchy of parts, chapters, and scenes.

I understand how to establish target word counts for (a) the entire project, or (b) individual documents (which, in my case, means the scenes). What I’m after is a way to establish targets at the part or chapter level. That is to say, at various folder levels. A chapter folder might have any number of scenes within it, but I’d like to set the word-count targets for the chapter level (and/or at the part level), not at the scene level.

I’m having no trouble seeing the current word count at those levels, but I just can’t figure out how to set them at those levels. I know it has to be something easy and I’m just missing it.

Any help appreciated!

Turn on the Total Target and Total Word Count columns in the outliner. These will total both the folder and any sub-documents that it has.

Then set the Target for the folder itself, just as you would for any other document. If you haven’t set scene-level targets, the target you set for the folder will become the Total Target for the whole ensemble.


Katherine, I get what you’re saying, but I can’t figure out where/how to set the target for the folder. There’s no little target symbol (as at bottom of editor at the scene level). And I can’t find a way to do it through the menus. Where would I set that target?

if you view the folder in single document mode (uncheck the View -> Scrivenings option) you’ll see the target icon in the footer. (Turn Scrivenings mode back on to see the folder as a single text stream.)

Alternatively, use View -> Outline mode, and select the Target column from the View -> Outliner columns list. Note that you’ll need to be one outline level up from the folder of interest in order to see it.


Beautiful! Thanks, Katherine!