Word count targets in full screen mode

I’ve never really been a fan of full-screen mode in other applications, but Scrivener has got me converted. I also love the option to show word count targets - especially being able to click on the little target icon at the bottom-right of each document window to set and display current progress for each draft section.

So, how about showing that same little ‘fuel gauge’ display at the bottom of the full-screen window? I know it’s possible simply to bring up the floating Project Targets window, but it’s not so elegant and won’t reflect the section targets you’ve set from within the main Scrivener view, at least not without resetting it manually.


I made a decision not to include it in full screen mode (for now, at least) for two main reasons:

  1. Space limitations in the control bar at the bottom of the screen (not an issue on larger displays, but on 12" iBook displays it would be a problem).

  2. It would involve creating a custom progress bar, as the default blue one would not fit full screen. I’d need to create my own white one. This is a technical issue and not really of interest to a user, I know, but basically it means that it is more difficult to implement than it sounds.

So, whilst it’s a valid request and is definitely on my “hopefully in the future at some point maybe” list, this probably won’t happen for some time.

All the best,

No problem Keith. I also understand that many writers aren’t quite as fixated on word counts and targets as those of us who get paid by the word. It’s just that with two-thirds of a 3000-word feature to write by tomorrow evening and writer’s block standing stubbornly in the way, it’s REALLY good to see those word counts being chipped away minute by minute. Of course, if I was concentrating on the work in hand rather than procrastinating by posting here I might not need the gauges so much :confused:

Maybe you can add a writer’s anti-procrastination feature in the future? Something that fries your Mac’s processor if you don’t maintain a realistic word-per-minute rate? That would help me no end.

Love it. Then, after that, an anti-19th-draft feature. You set a maximum number
of drafts and Scriv will bar you from making any revisions beyond that.


For me, a better solution would be high voltage electrodes to give a good jolt when I’m not being productive enough. Maybe you can buy USB electrodes somewhere . . .

Just add my support for this. I don’t need the doc word target bar on the standard screen, where there’s a word count; I need it visible in full screen mode, so that I can see just how many more words I have to punch out before coffee/beer/insert vice of choice here.

Just to reiterate that this isn’t going to happen any time soon for the reasons already cited.