Word Count Targets on items with dependants

Is is possible to set a word count target for a section of a novel, and have the target reflected in item’s dependents?

Say, for example, I’m aiming to limit myself to 10k words of backstory and local color before ‘The Call’, and have it split into a four chapters and a total of 20 scenes… So I have a folder as the first dependent under Manuscript, four folders for each chapter as the second level of dependents, each with five scenes as the third dependent. (I’m not this rigidly structured, I’m just making an convenient example)

Short of applying 500 word targets to 20 scenes, is there a better way? Especially if one scene runs long and the next runs short?



You can set the word count target on the container and then view it in Scrivenings mode to see the total achieved toward that target.

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