Word Count Targets

With NaNo just around the corner, I was wondering when it will be possible to set a word count target for an entire month (or week, or whatever)
I know this is already available in the Mac version, I’m just wondering when it will be available in the PC version.

If this has already been answered, I apologize. I did search the forum, but didn’t find the answer.

You do this in Project > Project Targets. You can set a session goal (i.e. from project open to project close) and a Draft target. So for NaNo, you’ll typically set your Draft goal to 50,000. Your session might be 1667, if you do your daily count in one go, or you could make it something smaller if you work in shorter sessions (or just like the positive reenforcement of seeing it hit green!). Windows doesn’t have any kind of calendar associated with this, so if you’re not writing every day you’ll need to adjust your daily target manually. That’s really the only difference as far as the “month” count between the two versions.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
I am aware, and use, what you have described.
But in the Mac version you have the option to set your total word count goal -say 50K- and then you can set the time duration with an end date -Nov1~Nov30- Scrivener then divides up your goal by the number of days giving you a daily word goal -which is 1,666-
Also, if you happen to write more or less, your daily goal is adjusted.
This is not yet available in the PC version.

I second this. I love Scrivener enough to have both the Mac and Windows version of it and I really miss the ability of the session word counter to adjust when I’m working on my Windows Scrivener. Also when I’m not thinking about NaNo I like to set a certain amount of words by a certain date and enjoy how the session counter tells me how many words I need to write for that to happen. Is this too complicated to put on the Windows version for some reason? because it’s a major plus in the Mac version.

I think you’ll find if you look for Keith Blount’s statements in this forum and/or in his blog on this site that his commitment is that the Windows version will catch up with all the features of the Mac version, and then remain on parity with it, as both develop further. It’s simply a matter of time.

And so I shall continue to wait . . .

Since Scrivener has been updated recently, I was wondering, if anyone who is in the know, knows where this is on the to-do list?
I hate to nag, but this seems like it should be a rather easy addition to make to the windows version.

I second this request! I’m just starting to write my dissertation and it would be extremely helpful to set a deadline and understand my progress better.

Is it possible to have this request added to this list?
Pretty Please? :wink:

This is already listed under the Text Editing section.

Just bringing this back to the surface and wondering where this is for future update plans? :smiley:


Yes, it will be in the 3.0 Windows release. :slight_smile:

:smiley: YEAAAAAAAAA :smiley:

(is it too much to ask how far out the release is?)

A whimsical idea: when a target word count is achieved, I think that a celebration is in order. Perhaps just an audio file ‘ta-daa’ or even a video reaction such as is found in Windows Solitaire.

We haven’t announced a date for release yet, but we are posting public betas. The extended target features are currently in the UI but not all hooked up yet, or I’d have linked you previously. :wink:

Personally, I celebrate with chocolate or RumChata, which isn’t yet in the cards for Scrivener to deliver. I look forward to the day it does, though. :smiley: