Word Count updating after Nano

I’m loving the Nano template this year, with the automatic word count update direct from in Scrivener. It’s actually done wonders for keeping me on track, knowing I need to click that at the end of a writing session - the number of times I’ve lost a streak not because of not writing but because I forgot to go to another site and update my word count is many and fairly inevitable.

So the question is… I know that feature of the template breaks after Nano ends when the Nano site doesn’t accept updated any more. So is there any kind of alternative? A way to make Scrivener hook into a different site, like Wordkeeperalpha, or even just a tracking spreadsheet, and update the project word count on command? The at-a-glance tracking really helps keep me consistently writing and trying to write more, and I’m going to be so sad to lose the auto update feature from inside Scrivener.

Have you tried the Project ▸ Statistics... menu command? This keeps track of daily writing activity, in and out of the Draft folder, and has an export button so you can build a spreadsheet from the data and track things more comprehensively that way, if you wish.