"Word Count" vs. "Total Word Count"

I am still in the process of figuring out Scrivener and am baffled by one point. When I put my novel into Outliner mode, I see two columns (among others): Word Count and Total Word Count. I included both columns because I wanted to see both the word count of individual documents and a running total of word count (each document added to the ones before it, which is what I assumed Total Word Count meant). But the two columns contain identical information: they both tell me only how many words are in each individual document. So I’ve got two columns with different headings and identical word count information.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. Could someone please explain the difference between these two columns?


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Word count for the individual document.

Total word count for top level document and any children.

In pic below:
— The folder “Act” has 0 words of its own, and a total of 19 words with its child documents included.
— The document “Where is the missing finger” has 4 words of its own, and a total of 6 words with its child document “Extra words” included.


Hope this helps.