Alex, Too dronk too show apprpriate gratitude just now. But thanx.



Thanks for at least considering it for a future version. That’s really all I wanted. I didn’t know the request would start a jihad against the word counters. :smiley:

And good to see writing 2,000 words per day was your New Year’s Resolution as it was mine as well - and Scriv’s beautiful full screen mode has really made that task easier.

Retards unite!

Don’t listen to them Keith; how dare they ask for a feature that the faithful and their humble prophet don’t personally need! May you die the death of a thousand maggots, evil word counters! :slight_smile:

Ha! Good one Eiron. Nothing like a little humor to defuse a situation.


Haha! From this thread it seems we are a bunch of ‘retards’ (though I remember getting reamed by my parents for using this word!) and drunks. How fun!!

I kind of miss the word “retard” though I certainly wouldn’t apply it to someone who was genuinely “challenged” or “differently abled” or whatever the current acceptable term is. In high school, we used to use the word “mental”, which is pretty, well, retarded. In any case my adult view of the issue has been permanently turned upside down by seeing Lars Von Triers’ Idiots several times. And given the pace of change, aren’t we all necessarily retarded these days?

As for the drinking, we were both up late with copious wine bemoaning “life” in Montreal and considering a move to Sardinia. All better now. No hangover and the sun shines here too.



Hi Eiron,

I was intrigued enough to order it. Thanks for the link!!


It may be one of the stranger movies you’ve seen, and it will rattle around your brain for a while. Disturbing, but in a fun way- not as gut wrenching as Dancer in The Dark or maddening as Dogville. Hope you enjoy it.


In my household we use the word “retard” so much that it has gotten shortened to “'tard”, as in, “You 'tard.”

I am very careful not to use the term in my primary school, of course (no matter how many times in a day it springs to mind).

I actually really liked Dogville, weird as that is. I saw a production of Our Town that had no set at all except some really basic markers to denote houses, etc., and it was amazing. Very stark and it was all about the characters and the dialogue, etc, and nothing about visuals. Dogville reminded me of that. Disturbing, yes, very, and rather brutal, but intriguing as well.


Of course, when I think of really strange movies, there’s always Freaks, which I also really liked even though it was probably the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen! And…this has nothing to do with word counts, so sorry…

Yes please Keith, count my vote in favour of the word countometer somewhere in Scrivener v2.0.

But don’t let that stop you writing the novel.


Maddening is a good thing, I loved Dogville.
Von Triers was consciously trying to show the dark side of Our Town, so obviously he suceeded with you, too. And btw any production that overstages Our Town is completely missing the point; Wilder specifically wanted a minimalist set. The ladders used for the facing windows of the young lovers rooms have become a classic of 20th century American staging. I’ve always had a soft spot for the play because when a beloved crazy actress aunt of mine was in her cups, she used to fondly recall her One and Only line on Broadway: “Look at that Moon, Myrtle Webb! Potato weather for sure.”

Oh yes. ahem:back to topic. Apparently I need a word counter to tell me when to stop burbling.

Oh, that is really interesting! I didn’t know the connection was intentional. Yes, I’d say he succeeded!

Ha. That is funny. Sounds like a fun aunt for sure. My mother is also an actress–stage mostly. Now a screenwriter. Growing up I was subject to many of her favorite lines from plays and movies she did or just loved. Many of them were Mae West lines…“It’s hard to be good. It’s got to be hard to be good…” Ahem, well, yes, that was one of her favorites… :wink:

Funny again! :slight_smile:

Keith, “you tard” is definitely enetering my vocabulary for dealing with actors.


I would also appreciate a tool for measuring word count progress.

I would appreciate a tool for measuring the quality and ambition of one’s writing. The more time you spend on a certain passage, the higher it is rated on a scale from 1 to 10. Alternatively, there could be an image of Flaubert, or God, or Keith, that wears a sour expression as long as you churn out two pages per hour, and rewards you with an ever-broadening smile the longer you work on a passage.

So if you’re just typing out your NaNo-dub-dee-doo novel or some Dan-Brown-inspired dialogue, the image would look like this :frowning: or this :unamused:. But if you spend days agonizing over a single sentence, you’d get something like this: :smiley:

The rating scale can be deduced from the following examples. The first, representing the lower end, is a randomly selected passage from Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons:

This passage is the work of about 34 seconds (49 seconds if we count the pause the auther made before he wrote down the words “deceptively” and “agile”), and it’s exactly what you get when you combine lack of style with pressure of time.

On the other, smile-inducing end of the scale we have the following paragraph by Nabokov which, according to his afterword to Lolita, cost him a whole month:

With these examples as reference points, it should be very easy to implement such a feature in Scrivener 1.0b6. It should be called the Scrivener Quality Guardianâ„¢ and be placed in the upper right corner of the main window, and there should be no option to turn it off.


I just love it when I explode into laughter in an otherwise silent office floor, provoking angry glares and suspicious glances from the supervisor.

Now that’s a useful feature!

Haven’t bothered even to glance at Brown’s writing; but i never imagined it could be so godawful. Wow!

Nabokov. (I have nothing to add)

Oh, and I especially like the :unamused:. I’m sure it would show up a lot in my projects, and i’d love squashing the little bugger.

Please implement this Keith.


That paragraph should be the sum total of anyone’s exposure to Dan Brown!

Lol! :slight_smile:

I really wish I could implement this - it would be brilliant. And it would mean that Scrivener would be doing a service to readers as well as writers. How about this as a compromise until I have the six years to come up with an algorith for your suggestion: Scrivener could just disallow certain words. Or, even better, it could bring down a sheet telling you how that word is going to make you look. For instance: “Recherche”. Whenever you typed that word when you have English system settings, Scrivener would pop up a message saying “Pretentious twat”. What I love about this idea is just the image of Salman Rushdie sitting at whatever word processor he uses in his penthouse hideout, hammering away at the keys, and occasionally his computer just tells him he’s a pretentious twat.

Just to make him feel better, though, occasionally Scrivener could bring down a sheet that says, “Still, it’s better than Dan Brown. That’s some consolation, eh?”