Word Count Wildly Inaccurate in ProjectStatistics[ADDRESSED]

Couldn’t find this anywhere, so…

After I upgraded to Beta 3, my Project Statistics wordcount dropped dramatically. My Text View wordcount for the entire Manuscript shows 15402. My Project Statistics shows 3886. I have a lot of index card text and wondered if that was being counted instead but it doesn’t seem to be the case. In the options screen for Project Statistics, I can’t change anything and have the changes stick-- I explicitly tried ‘count sub-documents’, which is unchecked. It won’t stay checked once I open and close Project Statistics, though. Other changes to the options also don’t stick.

It is possible I’m doing something wrong, not the software, but the Options being unchangeable does seem kind of buglike.

Thanks for all the hard work!

The Project Statistics wordcount does seem to be going up when I add Document Notes. I didn’t think I had 4000+ words of document notes but I guess it’s possible. IS this some setting I’ve messed up? If so, maybe the bug is How Do I Fix It?

To expand on this:

As far as I can tell, for me, the Statistics Options seem to be stuck on count only documents marked for inclusion, though count all documents seems to be selected. Changing the paperback word count does seem to work, but the changes don’t stick.

There is also a minor spelling mistake on the settings page, selectoin instead of selection.

I’ve not noticed any word count differences within Scrivener. But there seems to be a different counter used for characters.
The section count WORDS 523 Chars 2668 (bottom of screen) gives me a different character count to the Project Statistics>>Selection WORDS 523 Chars 2682. This latter seems to be including whitespace as a character?

OK, I think I know what was going on.

I’d set up a compile that only produced the Notes and Synopses, so I could get a wordcount on those. Somehow that count contaminated the Project Statistics? I don’t know if that’s expected behavior or not.