Word Count / Writing History: Allow Negative Session Targets?

Hello, Scrivener:
I know I’ve seen it said here before that Scrivener is less about the editing phase than the writing phase, but I would like to request a feature that I think would be fairly easy to implement, and would add a lot of value for those of us who belt out large first drafts and agonise over the painful amount of cutting we have to do later.

The overflow indicator for the project target is fantastic (thank you!), but would it be possible to have an option to calculate negative Session Target figures against a deadline date? When I know I have 2 weeks to cut 12’000 words it would be encouraging to have a Session Target of “-857 words” to look at. :slight_smile:

And on a related theme, as my challenge (and surely many others?) is also writing down to a word limit, not up to it!

As a result the Progress and Total Progress bars for my chapters rapidly have limited value, all happily giving green approval to my bloated text .I’d like an option for the bars to also turn increasingly read the further over the limit I am. It might be done be how many words short or long of the target one is, or by the percentage, preferably all this being offered as options in the preferences.