Word count?

Is there anywhere to go to see a daily word count?

I can see the word count at the bottom of the page I’m working on, but if I work on several sections, I only see the word count of each section, which includes all previous words entered. I am wanting to know how many words I added to the entire document every day. I’ve hunted through the software and am surprised not to be able to find such a feature.

I’ve searched the forum already and don’t see this question. Any help would be much appreciated.


Don’t think there is but as a workaround you could create a new text file in the Research folder called “Daily Word Count”, then last thing each day click on the Draft folder, get the total word count, then add a line in your Daily Word Count page like “2/1/11 16244”. That way you keep a history of your total on any given day. If you had a calculator handy, or are good at math, you could subtract the previous days total and get an actual word count for the day.

Another workaround is using there Project Target (Ctrl-T) box. The bottom section is called Session Target. You could set that for your daily goal then it’ll keep track of your word count for that day. Create a document in research then enter the word count for the day as suggested by streetmentioner. Just clear it the following day and start over.

Thanks for the workarounds, guys. I’ll give these a try.