Word Count

I am new to Scrivener - and not only do i find it the most impossible software i have ever worked with!! (I don’t htink i am alone here) but for some reason my total word count at the bottom of my manuscript says 41,237 … but when i go to the counter it says i have only written 38,969… ALSO, i cannot see how many words i have written unless going into the word counter. how do i get it to count my current session in view of my writing?

If you find it so impossible to use, maybe it’s best to move on to another program then? I don’t mean that to sound dismissive—we’re just very much proponents of the concept that software cannot be designed to suit absolutely everyone, and if you don’t like how Scrivener works, we have a links page with a bunch of alternatives to explore.

That aside, the Project ▸ Statistics… menu command will be the best place to get a total count. I’m not sure what you are referring to when you say the “bottom of the manuscript”, but if you mean the footer bar of the editor—that just shows a raw count of whatever is in the editor at the moment. It might be 10 words if you’ve loaded a small sentence-long fragment of text. It’s not meant to be super accurate (in terms of final output) though, since compiling may change how many words a draft has within it (by adding chapter headings, excluding sections that are old revisions or notes to self, removing inline annotations, etc.).