Word count

I have set a daily word count for my project but sometimes the word count does not reflect what has been written in that session. For example, this morning I did a few hundred words, put my computer to sleep for a while, returned to the same project, checked back on some earlier scenes and then returned to where I left off. After a short time I noticed I had only done 45 words! I checked in Writing History and discovered that my previous efforts appeared not in “draft” but in “other”. Why does this happen? I am running Mac OS 10.15.7 on a MacBook Pro. Scrivener version is 3.2.1

“Draft” words are words written in the Draft folder of the Binder. “Other” words are written anywhere else.

Similarly, session and project word counts can be limited to only documents contained in the current Compile group.

See Section 20.1 in the Scrivener manual for more information about statistics.


Thanks Katherine, I worked out in the end that it was because I had sections outlined ready for writing but not ticked for Compile, so the new section stuff was going in the “other” count.