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I have a question/ dilemma.
I have a few docs that I have transferred from scriv. 1 to scriv. 3. I also moved to a new laptop.
The main question I have is why on some documents do I have a word counter bar at the bottom, while others don’t. I have my docs with multiple files in them. All the files in the docs either have a bar or don’t. I have not found a doc that has a mix of word count bar and no word count bar.
Second question is how do I get that word count bar at the bottom on all my docs? I like having it at the bottom so I don’t have to keep going into the project stats and stuff.
Does anyone know of where to find my answer or have the actual answers? don’t mind looking around but already have spent a good two hours searching on here for an answer and my eyes are starting to cross.
TIA for any and all help!

Do some files have a word target that is showing up in lower right? I am not at computer to look.

Here :

Without a target set :

With a target set :

Clicking on the target or progress bar :

As of

why some have a target already set and not the others ? – Something about how your project was in V1, I suppose.
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Or if what you meant is that some documents display this at the bottom :
2022-04-04 20_04_13-Window

(no wordcount at all)
…then that is because they are in scriptwriting mode. (Their icon in the binder should then be yellow. )
You can also tell by the extra field where it says “General Text” in my previous screenshot.

To revert them to standard text mode :

  • select one of them in the binder
  • hit Ctrl+8 or

(You can only toggle one document at a time.)

Me realizing the thread is actually a year old only after I am done replying to it :
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