word counter vanished

Hi there,

I probably did something stupid myself & caused this to happen somehow but… when I’m editing documents in the binder, a word count used to sit at the bottom of the frame inbetween the numeral indicating page size and the arrow menu that I leave set on ‘general text’. My wordcount is no longer visible. How do I get it back?

Cheers, Cat

Go to the Text menu and select the first item, Scriptwriting. In the flyout menu, is the top entry (“Script Mode - Screenplay” or similar) ticked? If so, you’re in “script mode”, which doesn’t display a word count.

To get back to “prose mode”, select this item, to untick it. (Or just press command-3 to toggle the view mode.)

Prose mode displays the word count and word target icon in the footer, which is what you’re looking for.

Script mode (which is what gives you the little style selection menu at bottom right of the editor) never shows word count, so you’re probably conflating the two views in your mind.

Thanks Antony – that’s fixed it.

Cheers, Cat