Word Counts and Project Statistics

Two things that I’m not sure are user error (i.e. me being dumb) or bugs:

  1. There is about a 1400 word discrepancy between the word count given in my project target box and the MSWord document I created from the draft. I’ve checked the usual things (so seeing what was included in the compile group, it’s not footnotes, etc.),but can’t seem to figure out where this difference is coming from. The Scrivener word count doesn’t count comments in the overall word count, right? This is an issue for me because I’m writing to a word count limit.

  2. I can’t seem to get my project statistics to load. I click on it and I just get the wheel spinning in the lower right hand corner for eternity. I actually left it going for about 40 minutes the other day to see if it would eventually read it and it didn’t. This project was started on the older version of scrivener. Could this be the problem?