word counts for project and document notes

First, I wanted to say that I am new to Scrivener and am very impressed with the program. It has already exceeded my (very high) initial expectations.

One feature that I would find useful, but that appears to be missing, is a word count for project and document notes. There is a workaround - I can just copy and paste my notes into a blank file - but this is less than optimal when I have notes associated with multiple documents. An ideal solution might be something along the lines an additional section in the statistics pane that indicated the overall word count for all of the notes sections and perhaps a sub-count for project notes.

Thanks again for creating such an elegant tool for ideation and writing!

Just out of curiosity, what are you using your notes for? In general, the stuff I put in there are things I’d never really wanted counted. The notes that I might want counted–well that is what non-exportable documents are for. Just dump your notes into a document in the draft, and deselect the “Include in Export” option in the Inspector. Now it will not be exported, and you can set whether or not these types of documents are counter in the Project Statistics panel.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think that your idea of using a non-exportable document makes a lot of sense and will probably work a lot better than what I have been trying to do. I have been using the project notes as a place for listing important distinctions and concepts that I want to include in my journal article and sketching our arguments for various sub-sections. Sort of a pre-drafting stage in my writing process that evolves iteratively with the outline I am constructing using the corkboard and the outliner views. The word count is important because the target length for the journals that I am aiming for is in the 7,500-10,000 range and I need to know roughly how much I have said in my pre-drafting stage in order to gauge how long of an article I am looking at.

Hi, sounds like Amber’s suggestion is definitely what you want to do. The notes areas are really for just that - general notes. For the sort of thing you want to do, a document stored at the root level would probably be better.