Word Count's gone walkabouts...

I have all the luck, it seems =)

You know how the word and character count are usually at the bottom center of the text editing? Well, they’ve gone for my project. It’s there if I start a new project.

I’ll e-mail it to support@literatureandlatte.com so you can see if it happens, and tell me how to fix it!

Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m jinxed.

Many Thanks.

PS. Oh, on another note, the CTRL-Click issue I was having has somehow remedied itself (same project)

You have entered script writing mode. Go to Text > Mode > General to return to normal prose mode, which has the word and character count.

As for the ctrl-click issue, I don’t think it so much “remedied itself” as that I remedied it in the last update. :slight_smile:

Hehe. Don’t know how that happened.


Well, never mind. Thanks for the info.

How about the ‘Project Statistics’ crash? When are you gonna work your magic on that? =)

Download the 1.04 beta from the Beta Testing forum. Hopefully it’s fixed.