Word counts in the navigator

I tried searching to see if others have requested this but we writers are a verbose bunch and we ask for a lot of features!

Anyway, I’d love to have a dynamic word count attached to each folder, file and compilation of files next to the file names in the navigator. Would be an excellent way to load balance a book, seeing instantly which chapters are heavy or light or right on target.

Great software, favourite on my computer!

You can do this in the Outliner view mode. All you have to do is add columns for word count (or total word count, if you are looking at folders) and target (or total target). The word count is calculated by Scrivener automatically, but you can enter the target figures yourself, so this lets you weight chapters according to the balance you envisage for your book. Once you have added these columns, you can easily compare the word counts of any selection of documents from the binder. You can even see a visual display of your progress towards target for individual documents – just add an Outliner column for a progress bar.

This use of the Outliner mode gives a very useful dashboard-type overview of progress, which you can customise further by adding columns to show other information to help in your overview, such as the date when you last modified a document.

To add Outliner columns, use View > Outliner Columns then select the ones you want from the list of options. Section 12.2 of the User Manual (Mac version) has further information.

Thank you for your kind words about Scrivener!

Thanks for the kind words, zampana!

Yes, the outline is the place for this - I wouldn’t like to add this to the binder because it would be cluttered for documents with many words, and also adds a little overhead for an interface element that is always present.

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I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even know the outliner existed! I don’t know whether I’ve ever hit that button up there or not. This is wonderful. Two years of using a piece of software almost daily and still finding cool new features to work with. If only all software was as good.