Word counts including annotations when told not to

I have Scrivener set to exclude annotations when calculating wordcounts:

Yet, as you can see from the bottom of the screengrab, it still includes inline annotations in the document count – and does the same in the project count. It does this regardless of project or machine (I have three projects across two Macs).

I definitely had this working properly before, but no longer – anyone know why and/or how to solve?


The screenshot didn’t seem to come through, but if you’re talking about the footer bar count that never excludes annotations for speed reasons (same is true for the Project Targets bar). It would slow your typing down to a crawl if it had to count and then remove ranges of text based on their formatting in a live way. But that is why you can click on the stats to see the count without annotations, and that is all that checkbox does—impact that pop-over. The Project/Project Statistics… command is the most accurate way to get a count, and the slowest for it.

Sorry for length radio-silence …

For some reason, external image embeds aren’t working, so I’ve attached three screen grabs: before, after and prefs.

This shows the initial project word count:


Then I type some words into the inline annotation only and, as you can see, the project word count has increased even though I have only added annotation:

My settings are shown in prefs.jpg, showing that ‘Exclude comments and annotations’ is checked:


Any light you can shed on this would be much appreciated!

To clarify a bit further on something I said before: Project Targets works the same as the footer bar statistics for the same precise reason, performance. As I said, it’s not possible to keep the counter speedy even in one single file—Project Targets works in potentially thousands of files.

One thing to note is that the third screenshot you posted shows a preference tab for an entirely different feature, Project Statistics. I’m not sure if that was intentional. There is an Options button right in the Project Targets panel, and all of the options pertinent to it are located in that panel. Likewise nothing you set in the options panel for Project Targets will have any impact on Project Statistics.

Hmm – there’s no option mentioning annotations in the target options.

I’m really confused now because I definitely used Project Targets in a previous project and they definitely worked. I know this because I posted a question about how to make notes without affecting the word count and someone (Keith, I think) suggested using Inline Annotations, which worked.

So I’m puzzled as to why it doesn’t work now and, if something has changed between versions, how I solve this?

Additional info: I see it works with Statistics, but I’m sure it was Targets I used before, as I first used it during NaNoWriMo when I was monitoring my target of 2,000 words a day.

Hmm, I cannot think of anything along those lines. There has never been an exclusion for omitting certain types of formatting from Targets or workaround that I’m aware of. Here is the thread I believe you are referring to, but as you’ll find it is basically saying the same thing I’ve been saying here.

Ah, I had a memory that it had been solved, but not that it was a clunky workaround. :slight_smile:

Back to that, then, thanks.


While understanding the difficulties of keeping project totals updated, could I put in a feature request for a way to exclude annotations from the current document only?

I’ve actually started using Scrivener for my articles as well as novels, as it’s a handy ‘database’ of them, and colour-coded labels allow me to track their status. As most have very specific word limits, that would be a great help!

Have you tried clicking on the statistics text itself down in the footer bar. Since that requires you to click, we can take the time to strip out footnote and annotation text. And of course, since the footer bar stats show info for all text in the editor, with Scrivenings mode this concept can be expanded even up to root level folders like Draft (and that should also illuminate why this cannot be applied to the natural state of the footer bar, as the more documents you add to the editor, the more we approach the performance problems that exist in Project Targets).

Ah, I didn’t know that was clickable! That definitely helps. A running count in the current document only, without the need to click, would still be lovely, though. :smiley: