Word Counts -- Total and Total for Targets

When viewing the word counts, either in Project Statistics and Project Targets, I want to look at only those words that will be in the manuscript. That is, I don’t want to see the totals for my research writing, character sketches, etc.

I have not been able to do that or to get these things to agree.

In compile, only the files included in the manuscript are marked for inclusion.

For statistics, I get 15,778 words.
For targets, I get 15,691. If I check “Documents included in compile only” I get 15,666.
My session target grows if I add text to a non-manuscript file such as a character sketch.

These numbers don’t agree even if I change options concerning comments, etc.

Is there any way for me to get the results I want: Consistent numbers and only word counts for the actual manuscript?



Project Targets counts the text in the editor, meaning it includes inline footnotes and annotations. “Documents included in compile only” applies only to the “Draft Target”; it does not apply to the Session Target. Thus you’ll see the session target increase wherever you type in the project.

Project Statistics gives you more options for refining the count. Like Project Targets, there are two sections: “Draft” and “Selection”. “Draft” is based on compile (we’ll be redesigning the dialog for a future update to make this more immediately obvious), so it’s going to be the most accurate as far as your actual output. If you’ve included titles, prefixes, synopses, etc. that will all be part of the “Draft” count. “Selection” (i.e. your binder selection) does not use compile settings but instead works from the “Options” tab in the Project Statistics. You can choose there whether to include or exclude footnotes, comments, etc.

Viewing the “Draft” word count in Project Statistics should give you the word count you’re after.

Thanks. I’m still not quite clear on why the Manuscript Target Statistics don’t match the project statistics, since I have no annotations or footnotes, but I will just use the Project Statistics window.

The project targets thing, and session target thing are great features, and I know that a lot of writers would want to use them. However, they are pretty useless to me, since they include non-manuscript stuff. I’d enjoy knowing how much I’ve progressed toward my daily goal, and I cannot do that unless I use the Project stats and write the number down at the beginning of the day. So you might want to think of a consistent way of dealing with these numbers, and use it both for project and target statistics. Eliminate the special “Options” tab in the Project Statistics dialog, and put the options in the Tools/Options dialog, and have those options apply to both Statistics and Targets.

One other suggestion: What you’ve written about Drafts is wrong for me, since my project happens to use “Manuscript” instead of “Draft.” My understanding is that these two terms are equivalent, so you could reduce confusion for new users by just choosing one term and eliminating the other.

The “Draft” Project Statistics count reflects whatever text you have compiling, so it would include titles, etc. that the Targets count would not. Perhaps you have something like that?

We will be adding further options to the Project Targets counts in a future version. It will never be exactly the same as Project Statistics simply for speed reasons. Project Statistics necessarily runs compile in the background to provide an accurate count based on the compile settings. Project Target updates while you’re typing, so it cannot repeatedly run compile. The same is true for the live footer count–we’ll be adding a few more options to that to show a refined count as a popover, but it simply can’t be constantly running compile or the entire project would slow to a crawl.

The “Draft” folder is the standard name, but it can be renamed to anything you like. We use “Draft” to refer to it generally.

The “Draft” folder is the standard name, but it can be renamed to anything you like. We use “Draft” to refer to it generally.

My point was that the manual refers to the “Draft” folder, but if the first thing a new user does is create a new project using the Fiction template, there will be no “Draft” folder, just a “Manuscript” folder. So the manual says “In your draft folder,” and there is no draft folder.

As a new user, I remember being confused about that. There’s no need for this confusion, just use “Draft” for all templates.

Another suggestion: In addition to showing progress on a session target, a daily target would be good. I just had to reboot to install some Windows updates, and my session progress disappeared.

Here is what a graph of word counts over time might look like. It’s what I get when I

It’s what I get when I manually keep track of the word counts,

then export that data to a spreadsheet.

Hey Trombone Al, I’m not sure if you’re still having issues- it has been a half dozen years or so, but I put everything I’m not using in my Draft section into the Research section. Once I did that, I saw my word counts go down to just my manuscript.