Word Counts wrong since update

Ever since I installed, I’ve been having issues with word count. I’ll write for an hour, and my word count in my project target bar won’t update after the first 20 minutes or so–I have to either go into Project Targets to see the real word count, or close Scrivener and restart it to update the bar. The counts on individual documents are all over the place, too. I’m looking at one right now that says it contains 2,958 words. But if I select all the text in the document, it says “Selection: 4,365 words (of 2,958)”.

Writing history is borked, too. Mine shows 8 words for a recent day when I know I wrote well over 1300, for instance. For someone who uses word count to track productivity and goals, this is a real problem.

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Update: I just went into the document that was showing a 1400+ word shortfall, edited a single word, and got a message saying I’d reached my session target! Apparently I have entered 1400+ words merely by changing one…

See if your target is set to count the current compile group, and if your compiler is set to compile “current selection”.
That could potentially explain this.



Yeah, I have both of those boxes unchecked. I do show overrun, but since I’m nowhere near project target, that shouldn’t have any association with current word count issues.

Then perhaps it is because of the update.
Maybe something in the code makes it that the document needs to be accessed at least once in this new install for it to register and then be taken into account. ??

I first noticed the issues right after the update. But the one that was showing fewer words than it contained this morning is one I was adding to yesterday, so it’s definitely not confined to “inactive” parts.

“One” being that specific document? Or “one” as in “this one project”?

My theory is that the document would need to have loaded once since the update.

But a theory is all that it is.

It sounds like the search index file, a plain-text copy of the project text used to speed up searches (and counting), is out of date, so the wrong word count is showing initially until the document is refreshed, as by typing into it. Try running File ▸ Save and Rebuild Search Indexes.

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I have had a similar issue. When I tried to update my word count for NaNoWriMo my word count was off. I seem to have lost about 2000 words, in Scrivener. But when I add up the totals for each file in my Manuscript, it has the correct word count.

I tried to copy and paste my document text, but that isn’t helping.

Make sure that all of your documents that should are marked as included in compile.

I don’t know where those stats for Nanowrimo come from, but if they rely on the Statistics panel (and not the progress bar), then there is a setting in the options of Statistics to only count the current compile group. So either uncheck that option, or make sure the compiler is set to compile your draft/manuscript folder, and that the filter (funnel icon) is not on (blue).

how do I do that? Total newbie. When poking around a bit they returned to where they should be. I went out of the Manuscript folder to work on plot and suddenly I’ve lost 2k words again!

Very frustrating.

Where do you get your reading from ?

Okay, I subtracted and got a word count of 1582 missing. Which is my current “Chapter One” document. I renamed that document and added words this morning. This is where something has gone wrong.

Lower right corner of the editor, check that it is marked as included in compile.

The word count bar at the top was temporarily correct. But the incorrect word count is showing both in the word count bar at the top, and in my NaNoWriMo update option in the Project dropdown menu.

Is there a way I specify which folders I want counted? Since it seems to be one document that is missing.

The progress bar reflects the word count sum of documents marked as included in compile and inside the draft/manuscript folder.

So make sure your faulty document is marked for inclusion, and is not floating somewhere outside the root folder (your draft).

What I did was I created a new “Chapter 1” document. Copied and pasted the old “Chapter One” into “Chapter 1” and now my word count is correct in the top word count bar and updated to NaNoWriMo correctly.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen again, but I guess I know what to do.

I suggest you reread my posts.

It was inside my root folder. In fact both Chapter One and Chapter 1 documents were in the same “Chapter One” folder in my Manuscript folder. For some reason the Chapter One document got lost from the index.