Word custom dictionaries lost on opening Scrivener exports.

Has anybody had the problem of when exported documents are opened in Word, Word is no longer able to refer to user-defined dictionaries. Although the custom dictionary is still selected in word preferences there is no access to it, spell check no longer takes account of user defined entries. It seems as though with an imported or converted document, created in another application, word becomes locked into a default position of only referring to English US, and auto-correcting words to US spelling. This isn’t a Scrivener-specific problem as I’ve noticed it in other situations, like with text imported from an ocr environment. It is frustrating not having spell-check access to the large technical dictionary I’ve built up. Would be appreciative if anyone has encountered this and found solutions.

Word, coming from the Windows world where each and every program must supply its own fractured dictionary, has its own system, and I know of no way to automatically keep the OS spell checker synchronised with Word’s spell checker. There is most likely a way to do it manually though. Apple’s user list is just a text file with a special character between each word, and Word must have a way to bulk import a word list.

Thanks Av. I have now found a solution and thought I’d share it with the English UK speaking world. In word the document language (tools/language) is set independently of the default language for the dictionaries (preferences/spelling and grammar/dictionaries). When text is imported from a document created in another application, either from the clipboard or by opening the document itself with word, the document language for some reason switches to English US. Although the settings for the dictionaries remain the same, if they are set to a language other than English US then they are no longer accessible. The solution is to select/all and switch the document language back to its desired setting.