Word Doc Import Bugs?

Hi, I’m fairly new to using Scrivner, but am liking much of what I’m seeing so far. I’m importing chapters for a book I’m writing from the latest version of Word for Mac (16.54) and seeing some odd corruption in the latest version of Scrivner for Mac (3.2.3).

It seems like my dialogue is getting chopped in strange ways around quotation marks once the document appears inside Scrivner.

Has anyone ever seen this before?

It’s possible it may be related to all of these Word docs being exported from Pages where I prefer to write. I have to export them in Word for my editors and such, and then usually stay in Word for the rest of my revisions. However, the original Word docs immediately after export from Pages look just fine.

Has anyone seen this kind of quotation mark corruption and weird line breaks upon import into Scrivner?

Much obliged if anyone knows a cure or workaround.


Here’s a sample of what that looks like (if I can upload a screenshot…), with the quotation marks causing some kind of disturbance. As you can see from the paragraph above without them, it doesn’t seem to happen.

Again, these all look perfectly punctuated and laid out in the Word docs I imported from. They only look odd in Scrivner.

How is one supposed to upload images here?.. it has rejected my screenshot in 2 formats (png & jpg) saying: “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

Huh?.. Is there a different upload button somewhere?..

As an anti-spam measure, new users can’t post images and are limited in some other ways. I’ve increased your trust level; please try again.

Oh, thank you! I’ll give it a go now!

My time has been limited, but I did just try exporting the Pages document into a .doc version of Word, and it might have worked. Scrivener doesn’t like anything less than the .docx suffix, but I haven’t seen any side effects yet.

I’ll keep y’all posted…