Word docs not importing

I’m attempting to move Word documents into Scrivener 1.7. Using the import command and dragging/dropping have the same effect: there is a pop-up box that says “converting file” and the file name comes over to the binder but the document is blank, i.e. it shows as a blank document icon in the binder, word count is 0, and there is no text in the editor.

If I cut the text from the Word doc I can paste it into the equivalent Scrivener file, and if I convert the Word doc to an RTF it imports properly.

Is anyone else having this problem? Am I missing something obvious?

Are there any special characters in the filename or filepath? This sounds like a known bug where certain characters, e.g. ł or ę, will prevent a DOC, DOCX or ODT file from importing correctly. Otherwise, try changing the DOC file import converter in the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options to see if that helps.

No special characters, but changing the import converter from Microsoft Office to Scrivener seems to have done the trick. Thank you for your help.

Is this a known issue? I recently updated Scrivener to 1.7.1 and MS Office to Office 365 ProPlus if that adds any additional insights for the development team.

You know, one other person with MS Office 365 was reporting a problem, so this is the second case now I’ve seen of that and I think there must be an issue with that version of Office misleading the converters we use for the import/export. “Microsoft Office” should only be an option when Word’s libraries are available to hook into for the conversion, usually producing a higher-quality result for DOC, DOCX and PDF, but I think 365 must use something different that the converters can’t use properly, yet they still think Office is available. Is there a desktop installation as part of the ProPlus version or is it entirely streamed?

Yup, ProPlus is a desktop installation that runs locally. That was my first thought as well, that the streaming versions might cause problems because the converters are looking in the wrong place. Heck, it’s Microsoft, who knows where they’ve stashed the darn things :stuck_out_tongue:

No kidding. :wink: Thanks for the extra info, I’ve passed it along.