Word export question


I am a new user to scrivener, I need to export my final document to ms word and I also need to have formatting such as various bits of text in tables. As far as I understand scrivener does not support this, instead you should type the basic text in scrivener, export it to word and then format it.

Thats fine, but doesn’t this mean that every time I change the text I need to format it all in word again?


What you’ve heard is accurate up to a point. It is true, Scrivener cannot replace a word processor for advanced things like page layout, but it can do quite a bit—especially with the compiler helping you out. A lot of things you cannot do in the editor can be done during compile, which is when you take all of the myriad pieces of your draft in the Binder and combine them into a single RTF file for Word. With the exception of a few Scrivener-specific writing tools (like links), most anything you can do in the editor can be transferred to Word—tables included.

True, but only if you need a final quality Word file every single time you compile. This might be the case, but most people do a bunch of “draft compiles” that are meant only for proofers or themselves to look at, and save the long “finishing polish” process for when you are actually really done with that phase. After that point, many just continue onward using a word processor—at that point many need change tracking features to work with an editor and so forth, so it isn’t feasible to continue generating drafts out of Scrivener and reformatting.

And that’s for cases where the compiler (or the editor) just can’t do what you need. A large percentage of writers don’t need much if anything beyond what the compiler provides, and so sticking with Scrivener for longer is more feasible.

As you can see, that whole bit is a personal decision—and it might even not be the same for you from one project to the next.

Thanks, sounds like it will do exactly what I need, I did not notice the built in tables feature in Scrivener :slight_smile: