Word frequency enhancement (would be a useful tool)

One of my big problems when I’m writing fast and furious is the repetition of words. I try to spot all the repeated words when I’m doing a revision but it would be nice that this would be integrated as a kind of word frequency enhancement.

For example, if I touch a word (with the mouse) and press Ctrl + (some key), the software would alert me that that word is appearing early and nearly in the text and highlight these repetitions. And maybe some kind of visual map to show me the zones in the text where are awfully repeated words (obviously choosing to ignore short words like articles and prepositions, etc). Of course, this map would be invoked by a command, as I don’t know how much processing impact would have if it’s done in real time.

This is because it’s very slow the method of making a selection, going to Project > Text Statistics > Word frequency and scrolling through the list. Then I have to search that repeated word, find the highlights and do the corrections, but if then I use another repeated word I’ll have to look it over by the same process. It would be nice to do it on-the-fly.

I don’t know if this has been discussed before or if someone else is needing this feature. I think it would be very useful for all.

(excuse if there are grammar errors here, I write in Spanish)